Apr 11

Revolutionizing The Faux Stone Industry.

Replacing heavy cast stone with lightweight panels

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Sometimes we stumble upon a web site that blows our mind. At times we find a new and revolutionary way of sharing social information or simply a product for your home that reduces the amount of cleaning needed. For us faux stone is an important part of a new or remodeled construction.

We all know how much it costs to make the façade of your home look rich an inviting. All of your friends and family members will let you know when you choose a stone material that suddenly makes your home the jewel of your cul-de-sac.

Let’s face it, other faux stone products are heavy, bulky and the preparation needed on the wall before starting the application is really a waste of time and money.

Another thing that makes faux stone an eye-catching new product is the fact that it helps with the heating and cooling bills. Being a quality synthetic material, it shields your home from cold and heat because it provides an extra layer of insulation. No other stone product can do that for you. The others are usually made out of concreted or other material which transmit temperatures very easily and provide no insulation at all.

We are all very busy and the last thing we want to do is maintain the walls of our homes. Faux stone takes this chore out of your hands because it is waterproof. With water not penetrating the paint, you will not see any ugly dark streaks coming down the sides of the walls. This will also help to keep the dirt on the surface therefore the panels can be easily washed with a brush.

The possibilities are unlimited.