Aug 11

Revolutionizing The Faux Stone Industry.

An amazing faux Castle Stone and cut stone look

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We have had the privilege to have supplied materials to many customers and for all kinds of projects and designs. Our affordable faux stone alternatives can be used for interior and exterior applications, from fireplace design to cladding of whole building facades, from a Jerusalem stone wall look for churches to a waterfall look.

The applications are virtually limitless when you have such a versatile and flexible solution.

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Let's take a look at this fireplace. The client came to us with a specific challenge. The space they had between the gas insert and the frame was exactly one inch. They were looking for a material that could but cut to size but with that exact thickness. Here is one of the typical customer's reviews

Once again, your product really is great and the fireplace does look beautiful. We've had lots of compliments on it.

The possibilities are unlimited.