Sept 24

Faux Stone Equals Success.

Convenience, Ease Of Use, Affordability.

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In the construction and home improvement industry speed and efficiency is everything. Faux stone panels provide the consumer with a helpful advancement in the construction process. This is not an alternative to using natural stone; this is the future of stone projects. Faux stone can drastically reduce the time needed to finish a project that needs a great stone looks, this makes real stone obsolete. Many traditional builders have been skeptical about using this product because they are not familiar with it. Unfortunately, they have seen many bad examples provided from the big box stores that do not produce the highest visual quality possible. Our quality comes from the pride in our art therefore it creates the best result possible making the client and contractor happy every time.

The versatility of this product exceeds that of real stone. These panels can be used in many places where real stone could not be applied. It can even be used on a curve with a low radius making that bar you have been trying to fix look great. Yet, the most appealing thing about this product is the time and labor cost that it saves. There is no need for a mason to start using masonry saws in the middle of the project area which creates a cloud of dust that takes a long time to clean. Even after the initial dust in the air settles there are layers in the vents that move the dust around for weeks.

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With faux stone panels there is no stone or grout dust. No need to mix mortar and no need for a construction crew to dirty up the project area. This product cuts down the project time by more than half which equals success. The faster the project is finished the happier the client and the faster the company can move on to the next product to install. These panels revolutionize the way we think about stone projects and increase our efficiency which is why it is the future of stone finishes for any stone style project.